Why It’s Better to Remove Concrete Before Laying Asphalt

Have you recently decided you want to invest in an asphalt driveway, but currently have a concrete driveway? It’s possible to lay an asphalt over concrete, but the repercussions could be costly. Investing in an asphalt driveway means receiving a cost-effective, easy to maintenance and durable driveway. When you lay asphalt over an unstable concrete …

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Asphalt Maintenance: Benefits of Sealcoating and Crack Filling

Asphalt can last for decades. It comes out smooth, and it’s skid resistant, but to keep it’s longevity, it needs to be maintained. Over time, cracks can form in your asphalt driveway  or parking lot. Whether you want to patch up some spots on your driveway, or if you need to maintenance your parking lot, …

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