How to Fix Your Business’ Curb Appeal After a Harsh Winter

business parking lot

Improving your business’ curb appeal curb may not seem like something to stress about, but it does impact your first impression with a client. An in-depth study found that 70% of first-time sales are based on curb appeal, and we all know how harsh the winter can be to your parking lot and sidewalks.

There are plenty of ways that a paving company can help improve your curb appeal after a harsh winter. Continue reading to find out about the asphalt services your business should invest in.

Working with a Paving Company

One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to curb appeal is how your customers arrive and enter your business. How do they do this? Through roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways. The best and most cost effective way to improve every aspect of your curb appeal is to hire a local paving company, and there are a few different services you can consider.

Commercial Snow Plowing and Removal

It’s a guarantee that along with the winter months comes a plethora of snow. For businesses especially, snow removal is essential in allowing clients to go to and from your business in a safe and easy fashion. As the temperature gets warmer and snow melts, it can actually cause your parking lot to flood in some cases. A lot of paving companies actually provide commercial snow plowing and removal to try and stop draining issues before they occur. This will keep your entryways and business secure from water damage and ready-to-use for your clients.

Commercial Repair and Patch

After the snow is gone, what is left is often not a pretty site. Pot-holes, cracks, unclear road lines, and more can be dangerous terrain for you, your employees, and most importantly your customers to travel on. By hiring a paving company to perform a repair and patch job on your site can help fix these issues as soon as they appear.

Hitting these obstacles head-on will help prevent future pothole formation, avoid water penetration of the base of your pavement, and ultimately prolong the overall life of your pavement.

Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Once the potholes and cracks are filled and sealed, you will want to have a clean finish to your business’ parking lot. Majority of paving companies have procedures that they follow specifically for office buildings. This will ensure you that your project is done in a timely-manner and in the highest quality possible, for you to get back to what is most important to you: running a business.

Looking to Pave The Path For Your Customers?

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