The Benefits of Asphalt Milling for Long Term Maintenance

If you are looking for a cost effective long term solution to your consistent pot holes and cracks in your road then asphalt milling may be the option for you. Asphalt milling can benefit your company and the surrounding areas by creating a sustainable look that costs a fraction of other methods. By having a pleasant presentation of your company, you will in turn attract more buyers and create a larger appeal potential consumers.

As you invest in your road/parking lot maintenance, you are inverting in safety as well as saving money. Driving on roads with potholes, deterioration, or ones that simply haven’t been replaced in over a decade can seriously damage a persons car. Your customers/Potential customers will in turn, have a non-pleasurable experience driving to your business that can damage their car and leave a negative impact on what they think of your business.

Cost Effective

Asphalt milling is extremely effective long term in terms of it being cost effective. During this process, the material that is often used is recycled asphalt, taken from repairs and other projects. Due to this, the cost of these installments are usually extremely low cost compared to other alternatives due to the fact that there is no need for new materials to be created.


Making a decision based off of the efficiency and how much time a new installment will take up? Asphalt milling requires little to no effort in order to maintain the look. As asphalt ages, it hardens over time making it stronger in turn, creates an effortless maintenance which means no replacing or resurfacing.  This cost effective, long lasting material can be great for commercial parking lot jobs due to the potential tax credit offered when installment via asphalt milling.


Asphalt is one of the best materials for harsh weather conditions suffered in the cold months. Its material can withstand the toughest weather conditions and even melt snow at a faster rate compared to other materials. It also makes it more difficult for ice to form on the surface making it a great choice for commercial projects due to the decrease in liability.  


Here at Greenway, we ensure top quality from our crew during the installation process.  Our staff is made up of highly-trained experienced managers and field personnel, and owner and supervisor onsite supervision is provided at all times. The machines that we use are new and well-maintained to ensure safety, quality, and performance giving you a long lasting finish of your asphalt. Aside from asphalt milling, we also specialize in:

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