Asphalt Reclaiming

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For a residential or commercial surface that is going to last long term, the most important factor is the strength of the base underneath the asphalt surface. When a driveway or parking lot has reached its maximum life and is beyond the point of fixing with an asphalt overlay, asphalt reclaiming is the most efficient and cost effective alternative for the residents and businesses of Danbury. You may want to know When to replace in more detail different types of damages call for different methods of repair, why the damage occurs can help weigh different services to get that makes sence.

Full Depth Reclamation is the process by which asphalt is pulverized and reintroduced in to the existing base. Mixing in the pulverized asphalt with the sub-base strengthens and stabilizes the base. By using this green method, pavement does not need to be hauled away, new base material does not need to be trucked in, and landfill space is saved. In addition, the need for mining, crushing, and processing of virgin materials is reduced. Once the pulverized asphalt and existing processed aggregate base material are mixed together, the area is graded and compacted with a vibratory roller and is ready to receive the asphalt surface.

Greenway Industries uses state of the art reclaiming equipment to ensure the best possible product is created for parking lots or driveway bases throughout the Greater Danbury area. Our operators are highly trained and experienced in this method which ensures a seemless transition from preparing the base to installing the final pavement surface.