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Drainage issues in your driveway or parking lot can cause a series of problems for the existing asphalt surface and sub surface. Lack of drainage is one of the main factors in asphalt failures. We provide a service that will prevent these failures throughout Danbury.

Some of the most common issues caused by poor or no drainage are:

Many of these issues are not only a nuisance but cost you money as the damage continues to worsen.

  • Puddling water at the surface of your driveway, stagnant water eats away at the asphalt eventually causing cracking
  • Ground water undermining the surface of your driveway causing damage to the base and surface.
  • Water entering garages or basements
  • Black ice in the winter months caused by water puddles or gutter downspouts pouring water onto the driveway surface
  • Clogged or broken pipes underneath your driveway that over time cause sinkholes

Asphalt will eventually crack and become vunerable for damage, the cause will change how it is repaired 

Drainage Service

The team at Greenway Industries has the experience to diagnose your drainage problem and provide you with a solution that will increase the life of your pavement surface as well as the safety of your property. We seek to combat the majority of drainage problems in the Greater Danbury area.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

  • Catch basin top replacement or complete sump and catch basin rebuild
  • Curtain drain installation
  • Trench drain installation
  • Gutter downspout connections to underground piping
  • Dry well installation
  • Manhole replacements or rebuilds

Call us today to have one of our experts advise you on what the best approach to resolve your water problems.