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Facts that Every Business Should Know About Asphalt Parking Lot Installation

First impressions are extremely important for every business, especially when it comes to drawing in new clientele. Therefore, your current parking lot says a lot about your business. Is your lot clean and free of cracks and potholes? Or will customers feel bumps as they try and find a place to park on worn cement? …

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How to Fix Your Business’ Curb Appeal After a Harsh Winter

business parking lot

Improving your business’ curb appeal curb may not seem like something to stress about, but it does impact your first impression with a client. An in-depth study found that 70% of first-time sales are based on curb appeal, and we all know how harsh the winter can be to your parking lot and sidewalks. There …

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The Benefits of Asphalt Milling for Long Term Maintenance

If you are looking for a cost effective long term solution to your consistent pot holes and cracks in your road then asphalt milling may be the option for you. Asphalt milling can benefit your company and the surrounding areas by creating a sustainable look that costs a fraction of other methods. By having a …

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Why Road Maintenance is Important for Your Business

commercial parking lot paving

The way that your highways, roadways, and sidewalks look around your business makes a crucial contribution to economic development and growth. The better your town looks, the more customer appeal you will have to surrounding communities. When you invest in road maintenance, you’re also investing in safety and saving money. Driving on roads with potholes, …

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Different Types of Asphalt Cracks and How to Repair Them

Cracked Driveway

Whether you have an asphalt driveway or a asphalt parking lot, ultimately, your asphalt will begin to crack overtime. This can either be from age or from structural problems . Seeing cracks in 20 year old asphalt is normal, but having cracks in fairly new asphalt is a bigger issue. Greenway Industries can offer both …

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