Asphalt Parking Lots: The Importance of Knowing Your Repair Cycles

Parking lot maintenance is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your business. When you finally have finished constructing your companies first parking lot, planning for future repairments should be kept in mind. For the first 5-6 years, your asphalt will still be intact and color should not have faded just yet. 

Business owners at this point in time won’t have to worry about spending large amounts of money to fix their asphalt parking lot. For the beginning years of your parking lots of life, the only thing you should see is small cracks and faded color. It is normal for harsh sunlight and levels of automobile traffic to add wear and tear to your lot. After the 15 year mark, your asphalt parking lot will most likely be experiencing severe cracks and potholes. This is when Greenway Industries will come to the rescue!

Greenway Industries is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in asphalt paving, concrete, seal coat, and crack fill. Our professional team utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure operational efficiency and a top-quality finished product for their clients. We have a number of services offered with guaranteed seamless results that will intensify the beauty of your business.

Asphalt Solutions

Asphalt Commercial Repair & Patching

Asphalt cracking and pothole repairs can be avoided if you use Greenway’s services that help prolong the life of your investment. When it comes to your customers safety, Greenway wants to make sure your parking lot is top notch. This means no potholes! Greenway offers two solutions for potholes – hot Asphalt Patching, and Asphalt Milling.  

In regards to patchwork, Greenway has a cost-effective 4 step process to deal with deterioration and damage. 

  • Stage One: Identifying the structural damage to your asphalt pavement.
  • Stage Two: Cutting out the damaged area and excavate to the aggregate sub base.
  • Stage Three: Placing new asphalt at an average compact depth.

Stage Four: The edges of the area will be sealed to help improve the bonding with the asphalt around the area.

Asphalt Commercial Sealcoating

You may be wondering what exactly commercial sealcoating is. Basically it’s a protective coating that gets sprayed and spread over your asphalt to help extend the life of the surface asphalt. The many benefits that commercial sealcoating has for your asphalt parking lot are:

  • Snow and ice melt faster on seal coated surfaces
  • Protects against water penetration, reducing damage caused by frost, snow, and rain
  • Sealcoating allows asphalt to be more pliable reducing the risk of cracking
  • Sealcoating leaves your pavement with a fresh new look
  • Reduces future cleaning costs

When Is It Time to Replace Your Lot?

You know it’s time to replace your asphalt parking lot when you see cracks everywhere. This is completely normal, and happens over time to every lot. Cracks occur in various different ways, depending on the stressors of the environment. It’s important to keep track of the cracks in your parking lot, monitoring their formation and how quickly they are growing.

Another sign it is time to get your parking lot redone is if you have uneven surfaces and drainage issues. Not only does an unlevel lot make a bumpy ride for your visitors, it can also create drainage issues which must be looked at quickly to prevent even more damage to your lot.

Has your parking lot changed from black to grey? Aspects like direct sunlight and heavy vehicle usage will change the color of your asphalt. Not only does this make your lot look older and less put together, aged pavement is more prone to cracking in the future due to brittleness. 

Choosing Greenway For Your Next Project

Greenway Industries has the expertise, knowledge and equipment to complete your work at the highest standards in the paving industry. They put a high emphasis on safety in all aspects of the job, while still presenting exceptional work. If you would think Greenway Industries would be a good fit for you, and your current asphalt parking lot, give them a call at (203) 885-1037.