Six Asphalt Services You Need For Your Parking Lot

From small businesses to large corporations, maintaining the health of your parking lot is an essential task. If your parking lot needs work, Greenway is here for you. To help you get started, here are 6 methods of lot repairing that we recommend for your business.  

1. Parking Lot Asphalt Paving

Parking lot paving is immensely helpful for creating a professional image. In addition to looking nice for your customers, a paved parking lot can also help in the long run by reducing repair costs in the future. Greenway provides a myriad of paving services such as parking paving, sealcoating and crack filling, and concrete repair. Asphalt paving will improve your business thanks to the neat and tidy look of a freshly done parking lot. However, a parking lot may not need to be repaved but instead replaced.  

2. Parking Lot Asphalt Resurfacing

Sometimes a lot can become so beat up that it requires replacement. Greenway’s parking lot resurfacing service will not only help your parking lot look good as new but also help you avoid any legal issues due to accidents that may arise from cracks and holes. If your lot has reached the end of its lifespan, it may be time to resurface the property. Resurfacing is a cost-effective solution for lot restoration, and it grants extra life to your asphalt, meaning your business will save money as time goes by. While it is important to protect the pavement, a parking lot’s base must also be accounted for.  


3. Parking Lot Asphalt Reclaiming

For any parking lot, the strength of the base underneath the asphalt must be at its best to guarantee the pavement remains intact. Once a lot has gone beyond the point of repair, reclamation is among one of the best things you can do. 

Asphalt reclaiming saves you money, and it makes your parking lot stronger against decay. Your lot may need asphalt reclaiming, and the professionals at Greenway will make it happen by utilizing top-of-the-line equipment. Asphalt reclaiming replaces pavement, but if you need certain chunks replaced and revised, we recommend milling 

4. Parking Lot Fine Grading

In order for pavement to thrive, the base must be in excellent condition. Fine grading ensures the base looks good through careful and precise work. We begin with a rough grade which is then surveyed and measured. We then shape and level the foundation so that water drainage doesn’t become a problem, and so that the base is improved to the highest degree. 

Fine grading is the route to go if you are concerned about the health of the land underneath the pavement. Reach out to us today, and our trained workers will meet with you on site to discuss proper solutions. 

5. Parking Lot Milling

Similar to resurfacing, milling calls for asphalt replacement. Milling supports your pavement by removing enough layers to smooth and even out the asphalt. After the desired depth is achieved, we clean the lot so that the asphalt that is left alone has an easier time bonding to the base. Asphalt milling is a cost effective method of pavement restoration, and we implore our clients to consider this service.

There are tell-tale signs that milling is vital for your lot, including:

  • The lot has begun to curl up
  • Cracks that allow water to pass through have emerged
  • Potholes have sprouted up

If the asphalt surrounding your business suffers from any of these issues, milling may be the method for your company. Our skilled staff will patch up any damage that your lot may have endured. Obviously, preventing the possibility of potholes forming in the first place should be a top priority. Luckily, Greenway can do this for your business as well.

6. Parking Lot Crack Repair

If cracks are beginning to crop up in your lot, it may be time to do something about it. If left unchecked, cracks begin to widen, meaning it will cost you more and more to repair them the more you delay. Greenway will happily repair any cracks in your parking lot, fine-tuning the foundation, and protecting it against potholes. We provide crack filling and crack sealing services to ensure your parking lot is taken care of. Running a business means everything must be maintained and repaired, so our parking lot crack repair services are great options for any business owner.    

Ready to find asphalt services?

At Greenway, we make it our mission to not only provide excellent service but also to provide affordable services. Need a paving job for your lot that is professional without your wallet being hit too hard? Contact Greenway to get started!