Parking Lot Resurfacing

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If your commercial parking lot has been damaged significantly over a period of time, it is a good idea to call a professional construction company to resurface the lot entirely. A damaged parking lot is not only unsightly but may potentially make you liable for any accidents that might occur due to cracks and holes. To decrease your chances of being liable for these types of events, it is important to keep up with asphalt repairs such as resurfacing, crack filling, sealing, and pothole filling.

If you have installed a brand-new parking lot, it should last several years. However, it depends on a lot of aspects like the weather (rain and snow seep into the asphalt and contributes to freezing and expanding resulting in cracking) and the amount of traffic your lot gets (heavy vehicle causes the asphalt layer to break down much faster).  Resurfacing extends the lifespan of a parking lot and reduces costs down the line. However, if your parking lot is reaching the end of its expected lifespan, it might be better to consider repaving.

When should you resurface your commercial parking lot?

When you should resurface your lot depends on a variety of factors. When the surface oxidizes but the base remains stable, a new layer of asphalt may be installed over the existing pavement to prevent subsequent erosion. Factors that determine the lifespan of the newly resurfaced pavement include weather conditions, freeze-thaw cycles, how many heavy trucks ply on the pavement, the thickness of the new asphalt layer, the condition of the asphalt surface prior to resurfacing and how well the newly resurfaced lot is taken care of. 

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