Why Do Potholes Form in Asphalt Pavement?

potholes forming asphalt pavement

Whenever you are driving, the last thing you want to hear is a loud bang as your tires go into a pothole. It is always a very scary feeling trying to listen and see if you popped your tire or not. You may wonder how potholes are even created and how to prevent a potential pothole from forming?

Potholes are inevitably going to happen in any parking lot or potential driveway, but they shouldn’t happen after recently repaving your road. It is more commonly to find a pothole in a parking lot or on the road but can still be found in driveways as well. If the pothole is small enough, you could possibly fill it yourself but if you don’t have the right tools or the knowledge, you could potentially make it worse.

If the potholes become wider and deeper, it’s time to call a professional to help make sure no one blows out a tire. The only way to fix the pothole is to fill it in and smooth it out to make it feel as a part of the road. It’s hard to predict when a pothole will be formed. But once you see an area of your road start to deteriorate, it’s time to seek out professional help. Their are a couple of factors that can possibly cause your road to form a pothole.

Natural Causes of Potholes

  • PressureThe pressure from all the cars on the road and sitting in a particular spot over time are what cause a great number of potholes you see on the road today. Over time, with the amount of cars on a particular spot on the road, the road will start to break down. The road breaks down because the material below the pavement cannot hold the weight above them.
  • MoistureLike cracks, moisture can also play a huge factor in creating potholes. Potholes are more commonly formed during the winter and early spring time because of all the rain and snow we receive. That moisture then seeps through the cracks in the ground and starts to break down the material on the inside. When the temperature outside becomes to cold, the water on the inside will freeze resulting in expanding the cracks causing erosion. When cars drive on each spot, this also moves around the material on the inside that result in potholes.

All of these are unpreventable. It is very hard to control the flow of traffic and the weather. All roads will eventually deal with this issue sometime in the near future. If you are worried that your road has cracks in it and could lead to a pothole, read up on what a crack in your road is. Once you start to see some wear in your road, a simple fill in the material and flattening will help fix it. Once properly installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about potential pothole for a very long time.

The Best Way to Prevent Potholes

Potholes are going to happen eventually. It’s inevitable and hard to predict when the pothole will start to form. You can start to form an idea of a potential pothole is starting to form based on when the last time you had your road last paved and if you start to see the road start to deteriorate around the winter/spring months.

The best way to fix an early pothole is to have a proper contractor come out and fill all your potholes in as quickly as possible. The sooner the better and it will help to stop the pothole from growing deeper. Greenway Industries is here to help you worry less about potentially popping a tire.

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