Preparing Your Commercial Pavement For Winter

Snow Covered Parking Lot

For many businesses preparation is essential to the health of their business. This is especially true for areas with sudden changes in winter. Connecticut is one such area.

One week feels like spring, and another feels like winter. The sudden change not only makes it difficult on business activities where customers may be less likely to shop.

Your asphalt becomes more susceptible to damage, and building pipes can get damage from the sudden cold if not checked. To avoid getting caught off guard we’ll share tips to prepare your commercial property for winter.

Check Your Pavement

Pavements often change due to continuous use and temperature changes. Contractions occur for example when ice melts. On the other hand, expansion happens when freezing occurs.

To avoid this you will want to sealcoat any problem areas. As leaving any damage areas will lead to deeper holes. Eventually, you’ll end up with potholes beside longer cracks, and alligator cracking.

Keep in mind seal coating takes place with temperatures at a minimum of 50 degrees. For that reason, you’ll want to contact a seal coating service before winter.

Clear Pavement Debris:

Winter will not only come with snow that needs removal. Temperatures will be so low objects will be frozen. That’s why you want to properly clear your pavement.

Not only will you avoid objects freezing, which will damage your asphalt. You’ll be able to spot any areas with cracks, potholes, or alligator cracks. Clearing any chemicals such as gasoline is also beneficial to prevent any further damage.

Organize Your Snow Load Routes:

Organizing your properties snow load areas will ensure an easier time for snow removal companies. Snow removal services will then be able to focus more time on removing snow.

Also, you’ll be able to avoid snow toppling over random places.

Have A Protocol For Winter:

Ensuring your employees and your team knows what to during times of winter will avoid any unexpected issues associated with winter. This will aid in helping your business run smoothly during winter.

Familiarizing yourself with snow removal services in your area will also aid. As a business owner, there are enough things you need to worry about. Having a good snow removal service solves your snow removal for winter.

That’s why you want to start looking now to get the best deals available to you. Having all parts of your business on one page from employees to snow removal services will ensure key points of contact are in place.

Allowing for the time that will be spent on removing your snow.

Avoiding Slip and Falls:

Being liable for injuries can be avoided with preparation. Notice areas around your property that have excess water after a storm. You’ll be to mark those areas for people to avoid injuries or you may be able to simply patch those areas.

Pretreatment can help those areas with sand, but having a snow removal service is beneficial for further solutions you can benefit from. Don’t forget to be aware of various walking paths around your property.

Make sure your snow removal service avoids allowing any ice to form around dumpsters.

Enhance Your Winter Preparation:  

These are just some tips that will make your winter less stressful. Still, why do this all by yourself?At Greenway we’re Danbury area trusted the provider of reliable snow removal. To complement our snow removal services we offer our commercial paving.

This way you get the best service in maintaining your pavement while removing upcoming snow. Take a look at our paving gallery for reference. Get in contact with us today at 203-885-1037.