Paving Options Good for the Environment & Your Wallet

pile of asphalt in landfill to be recycled

Even with all the diligent maintenance you’ve done to your driveway over the years, there still may come a time when the driveway needs to be replaced. This process can not only be costly, having to pay for new asphalt to be created before it even gets to your drive, but it’s also a drain on the environment. There are, however, alternative solutions to both your wallet and to the environment.

Asphalt Milling

Sometimes a driveway’s surface may look unsettling due to cracks and potholes that have grown over the winter months. When this happens, it not only can be dangerous, but it brings down the property values of your home. Curb appeal is important in the real estate market. There are low cost and environmentally friendly alternatives to a full replacement of the driveway, known as milling.

Milling is a great option for homeowners who need a new surface to their damaged driveway, but whose sub-base is still in great shape. With this option, milling equipment is used to remove a layer of asphalt usually between  .5” to 4” depending on the existing thickness of asphalt.

Because the top layer of asphalt is now missing from your driveway, a new layer of asphalt can be laid down. This new layer is easily lined up with existing structures like walkways or garages and has the look of a brand new driveway without having to have the entire driveway replaced. This not only saves money but the asphalt that has been removed is loaded onto a dump truck and transported back to the factory to be ground up and reused for other projects.Asphalt milling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to give your home the new safe driveway you’ve been wanting.

Asphalt reclaiming

Like all things, a driveway has a life expectancy and once that has been met, the driveway needs to be replaced. When this happens, rather than hiring contractors who use new asphalt which can be pricey and use natural resources needlessly, we recommend asphalt reclaiming.

The process of asphalt reclaiming saves money and is an eco-friendly alternative to using new asphalt. Every year 75 million tons of asphalt is recycled and reclaimed which not only helps keep 75 million tons of old asphalt out of landfills, it also keeps 75 million tons of new asphalt materials from having to be mined from the Earth.

Once the existing asphalt and aggregates are removed, they are pulverized and ground together before being heated to 300F. After 20 minutes of heating, the recycled asphalt is now ready to be laid over the base. This process will give you a brand new, beautiful driveway, keep costs low, and have a lower impact on the environment.

If you have any questions about asphalt milling or asphalt reclaiming and are thinking of having your driveway replaced, please, give us a call: 203-544-4687