5 Tips To Double The Life Of Your Asphalt

Asphalt Improvement

On average, the expected life span of an asphalt driveway is 15-20 years.  But, with regular upkeep and the right care for your parking lot or driveway we can help you make it last 30 or more years.

1. Sealcoat and Fill Cracks

If you leave cracks untreated for too long it can lead to further damage and unsafe driving conditions. Treating the surface before more problems arise can prevent water and growing roots from entering the cracks and causing more damage. After repair is done to the cracks in your driveway or parking lot it is recommended to sealcoat the asphalt. Sealcoating will help extend the life span of the asphalt tremendously.

2. Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is actually the biggest cause of damage on asphalt surfaces. When cracks form it allows water to seep under the surface, corrupting the ground beneath. Any weather condition such as, rain, snow and humidity can take a toll on your pavement over time. Not only does it affect the appearance but it can cause a lot of costly damage. But, if you take the right steps to protect your driveway or parking lot from water damage you can save money, and ensure safety on your property.

3. Repair Potholes

Besides safety there is a number of reasons why repairing potholes is crucial. Potholes are a very common occurrence, and they should not be ignored. Believe it or not, pothole repair saves money. If you ignore the pothole it will only grow larger which will cause further damage to the area as well as to the vehicle that drives over it. It is significantly less expensive to treat a pothole then to repair a whole driveway or parking lot. Another reason repairing a pothole is helpful is because it improves curb appeal. Potholes are unattractive and can make your home or business look run downed.

4. Drainage

If you catch a drainage problem before it gets worse you are saving yourself a lot of trouble. Lack of drainage can be very harmful, it is one of the main factors in asphalt failure. Some of the drainage services we provide include: catch basin top replacement or complete sump and catch basin rebuild, curtain drain installation, trench drain installation, gutter downspout connections to underground piping and dry well installation. With these solutions, you can expect your asphalt surface to have a much longer life span.

5. Consider Replacing the Asphalt

If you are not satisfied with the way your driveway or parking lot looks even after doing repairs and treatment then it might be time to replace the asphalt all together. If the surface is still bumpy, and doesn’t drain properly then it might be worth it to invest in replacement of the asphalt. Safety concern is also an additional reason to replace the asphalt as well. Slips, falls, or damage to vehicles may be signs the pavement should to be replaced.

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