5 Results of Poor Drainage Near Your Home

Improved Drainage

As winter’s thaw has started to slow down and the weather has gotten better, you’ve probably given some thought as to what kind of chores need to get down outside.

Are you thinking about getting the lawn chairs out and grilling for those summertime parties in a few months? Or making sure your sidewalk and driveway are in good shape? Although the fun of summer is just around the corner, here are five reasons you should give your walkways and driveway some TLC this season with proper drainage.

1. Home Damage

As a homeowner, you are probably constantly needing to maintain the upkeep of your home throughout every season. To save yourself from unnecessary repairs throughout the year, you should consider how much damage is done to your home just because of excess water and drainage issues.

If you weren’t aware, you should know that a majority of home repairs stem from poor drainage systems such as uncontrollable runoff and unguided irrigation lines. By having the proper setup, you’ll steer clear of both of these problems.

2. Loss of Valued Items and Assets

Homeowners who do not properly drain the water around their home can also face damages to their basement or ground floor. When water gets into your home, you won’t be able to protect  cherished items, furniture, technology, and it can even pose a hazard to anyone in your home.

Things like couches, lamps, shoes, stored goods, pictures, and legal documents can all be lost or ruined because of water. If houses are not properly drained during heavy storm season, expensive assets such as cars are also threatened as even being slightly submerged can affect its performance as well as book value.

3. Infestation of Insects, Rodents, Mildew and Allergens

When you experience water damage, these damp conditions not only bring extensive repairs but a greater probability of having rodents and insects invade your home.

With animals and damp conditions also brings mildew. Mildew will pose a greater threat for allergies and diseases that could have easily been prevented if there was proper drainage.

4. Damage to Your Asphalt

By not having the proper drainage setup, there will be no redirecting of water on your property. Water that pools on your asphalt or walkways has the possibility of excessively dampening the ground underneath or surrounding your property.

Pooling or excessive water not only ruins your lawn or home, but can ruin your asphalt driveway. On the surface level and by infiltrating your pavement, stagnant water can cause the formation of cracks.  To avoid running into these problems, it’s always good to have a place for heavy rainfall to escape. By installing a drainage system anywhere on your driveway, you’re more likely to extend the lifespan of your driveway.

5. Decreasing the Value of Your Home 

When looking for a home, a driveway not only provides a first impression, but also can be a good indicator of the condition of the home. Hazardous and poorly maintained driveways could mean the exact same for the home. If you aren’t maintaining your driveway properly by installing a drainage system, it can impact the overall value and interest of buyers.

Already Have This Problem?

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