Trumbull, CT Paving Company

As your top choice fully licensed and insured paving company, Greenway Industries is here to serve the Trumbull area. We will provide all Trumbull homeowners and businesses with reliable, affordable and long lasting paving and masonry services.


Offering high-quality paving that lasts, our Trumbull team is an environmentally conscious company who uses eco-friendly materials in order to help reduce our carbon footprint. The materials that we use for the base of our paving work are recycled crushed brick, asphalt and concrete. Always expect for your Trumbull project to start on time, finish on schedule and be done correctly. For an estimate, our team can be reached at: 203-885-1037

Residential Paving in Trumbull

Repairing and repaving existing pavement to build completely new structures for your Trumbull home or business is possible for our Trumbull company through our usage of the newest equipment available. From this we can build durable, beautifully paved driveways and parking lots. And, after that, our clean-up crew will leave your property cleaner than when we began.

These signs help with the determination of surface repaving:

  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly


For your Trumbull home, whether you want a classic New England look or something else, Greenway Industries can help. We understand that oil and stone driveways allow for a more elegant look and can add such to your Trumbull property. First, we will examine your property. This is to check for whether or not oil and stone application will cause any issues. For your Trumbull home, our team will always strive to be a guide for you so you are able to make the correct decisions.


Melted asphalt will help seal any previous damage or cracks. In order to use this method, our team uses infrared asphalt repair to melt the existing asphalt in order to avoid tearing up your old driveway or paving. Without the accompanying price, for your Trumbull home or business we will be able to help your pavement look like new.


The usual solution to lack of proper drainage on asphalt surfaces are costly repairs. To avoid this, proper drainage in your Trumbull driveway or parking lot in order to help with diminishing surface cracks, damaged foundations and even black ice during winter months. Our team can help with existing pavement by installing drainage solutions or adding in proper drainage to new projects.

Trumbull Commercial Paving

Our team understands that when clients and friends visit your Trumbull business or home they will first see your parking lot. It is not a good look and we understand that you do not want their first impression to be dependent upon large cracks and potholes in the area. You will pay for this damage with more expensive repairs later on if you ignore the damage now. Greenway Industries offers, for your Trumbull businesses, commercial paving and asphalt repair services.


Asphalt milling, for repairing the paved surface of your Trumbull property, is a great effective and cost efficient solution. Allowing for the removal of the surface layer of the pavement, asphalt milling does not damage the underlying structure, which then allows for new pavement to be laid on top. Thus, being an inexpensive and effective repaving solution.


Asphalt Reclaiming, for when your asphalt surface has reached an end, is one of your best choices. It involves the asphalt being removed, collected and crushed, and then the crushed asphalt is used as an addition to the existing foundation. By eliminating the transportation of new base materials, this helps with reducing landfill waste and reducing greenhouse gases. The result is your our new beautiful, strong and eco-friendly pavement for your Trumbull property.


The foundation of any paving procedure is known as fine grading.If you do not have an excellent fine grading job done, then your finished paving project will have poor results. Your fine grading job will be done in a timely and cost efficient matter by our Trumbull team in order to give you the base for flawless paving.

Trumbull, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Minor driveway or parking lot damage can be mended by filling cracks and sealcoating. Our team, for your Trumbull property, can help by doing these minor repairs for you so years can be added to the life of your paving.


For your Trumbull driveway or parking lot to gain a more fresh look, sealcoating can be used as a protective layer. It protects against sun, wind and water damage by diminishing their power. Cars and pedestrians will be less likely to slip and fall on rainy days as well due to the texture that sealcoating adds to the asphalt.


After the formation of cracks in the winter, water settles into the asphalt. The constant freezing and melting from here, then allows for small cracks to widen into large cracks. Allowing our team to fill in the cracks, will protect your Trumbull property by preventing the water from doing any more damage.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of

For you, Greenway Industries wants to help build attractive stonework and concrete surfaces. Our team will provide customized masonry and concrete flatwork surfaces in order to make your vision of your Trumbull property a reality.


Our goal is to help make your home beautiful and inviting; something that your neighbors will surely envy. Our team is here to create walkways, steps and wall while keeping within your budget thanks to our masonry designer. They will help you choose from several stone materials in order to create the look you want.


Our team comprised of our concrete flatwork crews will build walkways, sidewalks, curbing and patios all based upon your specification for your Trumbull property. Greenway Industries will offer durable concrete surfaces for all of our residential and commercial clients in order to keep your paving looking food for years to come. Our designers are with you every step of the way to help define the exact look you want and make it happen

Trumbull’s Reliable Paving Contractor

To ensure our Trumbull customers with attractive and durable masonry and paving services, Greenway Industries takes pride in using our advanced technology to give our clients what they want. We our a fully insured and licensed company by the state.

Our team wants to be your first choice no matter what you need; whether it be your Trumbull parking lot or driveway needing a touch up or work. We offer customized masonry and flatwork services, so get in touch with us so we can help you: 203-664-5902