Salisbury, CT Paving Company

Greenway Industries offers highly professional, full insured, and fully licensed paving services for Salisbury, CT. We take on jobs ranging from homeowners to businesses. We offer premium quality paving and masonry services for the most fair and affordable prices.


Greenway Industries offers any home or business in Salisbury superior paving, that is engineered to last. We pride ourselves on using the most environmentally friendly materials and techniques to gratefully reduce our carbon footprint. Our approach uses recycled materials such as crushed brick, asphalt, and concrete in our practice. Expect a job well done, on time, and reasonably cost for your Salisbury property. Call for an estimate: 203-664-5902

Residential Paving in Salisbury

Greenway Industries in constantly developing, and using the most technologically advanced arch paving techniques. We learn from every job the most efficient way to repair, and repaved existing pavement, or build completely new ones. We pave driveways and parking lots the way they should be, with a focus on durability. After the job is finished our highly professional staff conducts a cleaning effort that will leave your new pavement spotless.

Signs your surface need repaving:

  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly


If you’re looking for a specific elegance for your Salisbury home, Greenway Industries knows where to start. Oil & Stone driveways resonate a very upscale look to your property.  Before installation we survey your land, and make absolutely certain Oil & Stone won’t damage your property. Greenway Industries will have your Salisbury home looking better than ever.


An incredible way to eliminate the inconvenience of tearing up your old driveway is to use infrared asphalt repair. Using infrared beams, we can melt the existing asphalt to seal up any previous damage or cracks. You’re going to like the way your pavement looks, and the prices couldn’t be more reasonable.


A drainage design flaw can lead to severe damage on your pavement and your home. Greenway Industries ensures that your Salisbury driveway will receive drainage services that work. By proactively addressing the problem, you will prevent surface cracks, damaged foundations, and even dangerous patches of ice in the winter. Greenway Industries has drain engineering down to a science, a science that will prevent disaster, and will extend the life of your driveway.  

Salisbury Commercial Paving

In business, good first impressions are essential. With a freshly paved parking lot for your Salisbury business, your customers will feel the satisfaction of driving over fresh, and smooth pavement. Greenway Industries offers premium services for your commercial paving and asphalt repair for your Salisbury business.


Asphalt milling is and inexpensive paving alternative that looks great. Asphalt milling removes the surface layer of the pavement without damaging the underlying structure. The new pavement is smoothed right over the top and produces stunning results. This inexpensive solution is excellent for your Salisbury home or business.


Asphalt reclaiming is a smart option for those looking to refurbish a deteriorating driveway. The asphalt is removed, collected, and crushed. Then, the crushed asphalt is added to the foundation. This has incredible benefits. It reduces landfill waste, transportation pollution, and also saves the customer on material costs. This combines efficient cost, and result producing work for your Salisbury home or business.


Asphalt Fine Grading is very important for any paving job. Without a high quality fine grading job, you run the risk of severely damaging your paving project. Our fine grading job has built a reputation for being well done. We ensure our Salisbury customers receive cost effective and professional service.

Salisbury, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Greenway Industries specializes in fixing all issues involving pavement. With our expertise, we offer sealcoating and crack filling for any driveway in Salisbury. This option is perfect if your driveway is littered with cracks and holes. This is an inexpensive and proactive solution that eliminates small problems before they evolve into big ones.


Sealcoating adds an extra protective layer over your fresh pavement in order to extend the duration of your new driveway. There are many elements that wear down your pavement. Water, Ice, Sun, and frequent use all work on your driveway and cause damage over time. With our premium sealcoating, the life of your driveway is guaranteed to be extended. An added bonus to sealcoating is friction enhancement, this will make your Salisbury driveway safer by preventing slips and falls.


Crack filling is one of the most proactive ways to extend the life of your driveway. By filling in the cracks and pores, you prevent water from seeping in and expanding while it freezes. This drastically damages pavement and is very preventable with simple crack filling.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of Salisbury

Greenway Industries offers superior stonework and concrete installation. Our custom masonry and concrete flatwork is guaranteed to impress. With Greenway, we will work with your custom needs and make your vision a reality.


Greenway Industries offers the highest quality masonry for your Salisbury home. We specialize in walkways, steps, and walls to give an exclusive look to your home. Our masonry craftsmen will help you choose from several stone materials to create a wonderful look that stems directly from your ideas.


Greenway Industries offers professional concrete flatwork for any job in Salisbury. Our expert crews have a wide variety of expertise. With skills installing sidewalks, curbs, patios, and much more. Greenway proudly serves residential homes and businesses looking to install concrete structures that are built to last. Our craftsmen will walk you through every detail and will build off your ideas.  

Salisbury’s Reliable Paving Contractor

Greenway industries specializes in the use of advanced technologies, with constant proactive research done on how to accomplish the job in the most effective way possible. Matched with our experience and hard work, Greenway ensures a job well done. Our Salisbury customers are offered outstanding paving services, beautiful masonry work, and reasonable prices. We are fully licensed and fully insured.


If your paved lot requires maintenance, whether it’s installing a new one, or just filling in the cracks, Greenway will work for you. Greenway offers the highest quality masonry and flatwork services. Greenway serves the Salisbury area, and all of greater Connecticut. Give us a call, we want to hear from you. 203-664-5902