New Fairfield, CT Paving Company

Professional Paving, Asphalt Repair & Masonry Services

At Greenway Industries, we offer fully-licensed and insured paving services to New Fairfield, CT and the surrounding area. We are proud to provide dependable, cost-effective, and high quality paving and masonry services to businesses and home owners throughout the New Fairfield area.

Here are the services we offer in the New Fairfield area:

If you need smooth, quality paving work that will last, Greenway Industries is here for you. Our company uses environmentally safe, eco-friendly materials to make sure that we leave no carbon footprint while providing you with paving. We use recycled materials, such as crushed brick, asphalt, and concrete, to reduce the environmental impact of our paving. We always start and finish our projects on time, and make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Pick up the phone and give us a call today for an estimate at 203-885-1037

Residential Paving in New Fairfield

With our new, state of the art equipment, we can make your existing pavement look as good as new. We also can provide fresh pavement to new areas. We make parking lots and driveways that are smooth, durable, and aesthetically appealing. After finishing, we clean up the area quickly and efficiently, giving your property a fresh, new look.

Do you think your surfaces might need repaving? Here are some of the signs to look for:

  • Large, wide cracks.
  • Potholes.
  • Pavement fails to drain properly.

Oil & Stone Driveways

Looking to give your New Fairfield home that classic New England aesthetic? Greenway Industries will get the job done! Your guests will park in awe on you elegant oil and stone driveways, a classy touch to your property. Just have our team of experts examine your property to make sure it’s right for oil and stone paving, and we will start working on your new oil and stone driveway right away!

Infrared Asphalt Repair

We use the most cutting edge technology, including infrared asphalt repair, a process that mends old and crumbling driveways without repaving them, melting the old asphalt back into shape, sealing any gaps or damage. Infrared asphalt repair means you can have your pavement looking brand new at only a fraction of the price.


Do large pools of water accumulate in your driveway? Drainage issues can cause serious damage to your driveway overtime, wearing away the cracks, destroying the foundation, or causing you to slip on dangerous black ice during the cold of winter.

New Fairfield Commercial Paving

When clients visit your business, one of the first things they will notice is the quality of the parking lot. If you have large cracks or potholes, you might leave a seriously bad impression on your clients. Moreover, ignoring repairs today can be costly tomorrow. Don’t put off repairing your damaged parking lot! Call Greenway industries and improve your business parking lot today.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is another great cost-effective way to repair your concrete surfaces. Asphalt milling works by removing the top layer of the pavement and replacing it, keeping the original structure intact, but adding a smooth layer to the top.

Asphalt Reclaiming

If your concrete surface is on its last leg of life, we can collect this asphalt and crush into cement again, adding the old asphalt to the new mixture we use to pave your lot. This both reduces the waste and helps fight greenhouse gasses by cutting transportation costs. At Greenway Industries, we are committed to helping you refurnish your pavement without damaging the environment.

Asphalt Fine Grading

The foundation of the paving process is fine grading. A well-done find grading job makes the entire paving procedure go smoothly, and without such a procedure, the finished product will end up defective. We finish your fine grading job quickly and efficiently, creating the base for a flawless finished product.

New Fairfield, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Not every crack in the pavement needs to be completely repaved. Sometimes filling in the gap will be sufficient. In such cases, we mend cracks using filling and sealcoating. At Greenway Industries, we excel at improving the longevity and durability of your driveway or parking lot without you having to pay for the entire area to be repaved.


If you have damaged or old asphalt, our experts can install sealcoating to repair this asphalt. Sealcoating not only provides your asphalt with protection, it also darkens the color of your asphalt to make your New Fairfield property look newer.

Crack Filling

When water leaks into the cracks of your pavement, winter can freeze this water, causing it to expand and crack your pavement. It’s important to fill these cracks to prevent perpetual wear and tear on your concrete.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of New Fairfield

At Greenway Industries, we offer both concrete flatwork and masonry services to the New Fairfield area. We pave smooth concrete services, and construct elegant brick and stonework. We offer our clients a number of options, so that they can find the materials best suited to their needs. Our team of experts work with clients to give them a designed tailored to their individual vision.


Need masonry work? Our team excels at constructing steps, building beautiful walls, or setting up a nice set of steps. We offer you a number of options, helping you find the look you want for your building or home.

Concrete Flatwork

If you need a walkway, a curb, a patio, sidewalk, or other concrete surface constructed, Greenway Industries is ready to take on the task. Our experts have years of concrete flatwork experience, and are ready to build a quality concrete surface for you, one that’s meant to last.

New Fairfield’s Reliable Paving Contractor

Greenfield Industries is a paving company you can trust to do the job right. We are state licensed and fully insured. We use innovative technology, technical prowess, and years of experience to ensure that our customers get the highest quality paving services available. Our company utilizes the most up-to-date paving methods, keeping up with the most advanced improvements and innovations in the industry, giving you access to all the advanced paving options your project may need.

If you are interested in paving, sealcoating, or masonry work, Greenway Industries offers you the best materials and craftsmanship at reasonable prices. If you need masonry or paving services in the New Fairfield area, call us today at 203-885-1037