Kent, CT Paving Company

Greenway Industries has built a reputation for offering the best licensed and insured paving services in Kent, CT. Our paving professionals are well-respected by homeowners and businesses around the area. If you want affordable rates and high quality work, Greenway is the group for you. We provide various services for our customers, some of which including:


Greenway Industries offers Kent high-quality paving for decades. We are environmentally conscious and we use eco-friendly materials, to reduce our carbon footprint. The base of our paving work consists of recycled crushed brick, asphalt, and concrete. With our professional service, you can expect your project to always start on time and finish on schedule. It will be done right. Contact us today for an estimate:t 203-664-5902

Residential Paving in Kent

With our innovative, state of the art equipment, we can make your existing pavement look as good as new. We also can provide fresh pavement to new areas. We make parking lots and driveways that are smooth, durable, and aesthetically appealing. After the job is done we are prepared to clean up the area to give it a final polished look.

Signs your surface need repaving:

  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly


Updating your driveway can only add to the value and appearance of your Kent property. Greenway Industries understands how to provide cost-effective solutions that make properties shine. Our experienced staff first examine your home or business to make sure that oil & stone solutions are right for the pace. We want our customers to be satisfied every single time.


Damage to your driveway doesn’t always mean it has to be repaved. Greenway Industries can use the infrared asphalt repair method to melt and seal cracks or other damage to the existing asphalt. Infrared repair makes pavement look new and fresh all at an affordable cost.


Do your driveway suffer from large accumulations of water in your driveway? Drainage issues can cause serious damage to your driveway overtime, wearing away the cracks, destroying the foundation, or causing you to slip on dangerous black ice during the cold of winter. Our drainage services may be the best solution for you!

Kent Commercial Paving

When clients visit your business, your parking lot is one of the first things they see. Cracks and potholes are a bad look. By ignoring this damage today will result in more expensive repairs later. Greenway Industries offers commercial paving & asphalt repair services to businesses throughout Kent, CT.


One of the most affordable repair options for a surface is asphalt milling. Our professional crew are experts in removing the upper layer of pavement without ruining the underlying parts. This means new pavement can be applied without a lot of time and money.


Is your parking lot in need of a makeover? Asphalt reclaiming is the perfect eco-friendly solution. We remove the asphalt and then crush it to be reused in the foundation layer of your new paving project.  By eliminating the transportation of new base materials, you also reduce greenhouse gasses. Beautiful, strong pavement and eco-friendly is a great combination.


The foundation of any paving procedure is fine grading. If you don’t have the proper fine grading, the result of your completed paving project will go poorly. We make certain that your fine grading job is done in an expedient and cost-efficient approach so that you have the base for flawless paving.

Kent, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Make your driveway tough the elements while also looking fresh and new year round. Greenway is dedicated in providing our Kent customers with high quality, affordable driveway repair services.


Sealcoating gives your Kent driveway a new appearance will give your driveway with added protection. With sealcoating, the elements won’t be able to penetrate the asphalt of your driveway. Additionally, it can brighten up faded surfaces, while enhancing your property.


Winter can be brutal when it comes to large cracks in your asphalt. Water can settle in, freezing and unfreezing over time, widening those cracks. So, to prevent further damage, crack filling into your Kent driveway is our solution to the issues winter can bring. Protect your driveway year round with this cost effective option.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of Kent

Greenway Industries professionals are experienced with a wide range of masonry and concrete flatwork services. We work with clients to see what they are looking for and try to provide custom designs that fit clients’ visions. Our stonework and concrete surfaces add curb appeal to a business and enhance Kent property values.


Invite your guests into your home by utilizing our masonry services. We create walkways, steps, and walls to make your home beautiful and inviting for everyone who steps onto your property. We’ll help you in choosing from several stone materials to create to best suit your property.


Professional crew at Greenway Industries serves our customers with durable concrete that will beautify their Kent home for years to come, We can build fully customized walkways, sidewalk, curbing, and patios. Our professional crew will gladly help make any vision become a reality.

Kent’s Reliable Paving Contractor

Customers are our priority. Greenway Industries is state licensed and insured so that clients are protected. We want our projects to be affordable and our services to be as quick as possible. If you need masonry, paving, repair or sealcoating services, Greenway is your trusted paving company. Call today for an estimate or more information: 203-664-5902