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Professional Paving, Asphalt Repair & Masonry Services

Greenway Industries, a fully licensed and insured paving company, proudly serves the Bridgewater area providing both homeowners and businesses with durable, affordable, and dependable paving and masonry services.

Services offered in Bridgewater:

To reduce our carbon footprint, we use materials such as recycled crushed brick, asphalt, and concrete as an eco-friendly base for our paving work. We also provide top-quality paving that is built to last. With Greenway Industries, you can expect a project that starts on time, finishes on time and stays within your budget. Contact us today at 203-885-1037 for an estimate.

Residential Paving in Bridgewater

Whether you are interested in a completely new project or repairing and repaving an existing area, we use the latest equipment to leave you with a long-lasting, beautiful driveway or parking lot. After the job is completed we will send out a cleaning crew to make sure that your property looks better than when the project started.

A few signs that your surface may need to be repaved include:

  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly

Oil & Stone Driveways

Looking to add that classic New England flair to your Bridgewater home? An oil & stone driveway from Greenway Industries is the answer you have been looking for! An oil & stone driveway adds a rustic look to any property. We will perform an inspection prior to installation to ensure the oil & stone will not cause any problems and to help you make an informed decision.

Infrared Asphalt Repair

We are able to repair some driveways with infrared rather than ripping up or repaving your current driveway. The infrared melts the existing asphalt that then seals any previous cracks. When finished, you are left with asphalt that looks as good as new without the price of a new driveway.


Proper drainage is critical in keeping your surface from becoming damaged and helping prevent costly repairs. Without proper drainage, you may experience surface cracks, foundation damage, and even black ice during the winter. We will add proper drainage to new construction and also upgrade the drainage to your existing pavement.

Bridgewater Commercial Paving

First impressions are important and normally the parking lot is the first thing a customer sees when coming to your business. Large cracks and potholes are not appealing! Not repairing damage early will lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Greenway Industries offers commercial asphalt repair and paving to the Bridgewater area.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is a less-expensive but effective option for repairing paved surfaces. By removing a thin layer of pavement but not damaging the structure, we are able to apply new pavement on top of the existing base providing a cost-efficient solution.

Asphalt Reclaiming

When it is time to repave your property, asphalt reclaiming is an eco-friendly option when removing the old asphalt. Once removed, the old asphalt is crushed and added to the existing foundation. This reclaiming process reduces waste in landfills and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the need to transport the new base material. With asphalt reclaiming you can have a strong, attractive surface while also being kind to the environment.

Asphalt Fine Grading

Any paving project’s foundation is fine grading. Fine grading sets the foundation for the look of the finished project. In order to achieve a flawless finish, we will ensure that the fine grading is done to our standards before proceeding to the finishing coat.

Bridgewater, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Minor cracks and other damage can sometimes be corrected by filling and sealcoating. Greenway Industries sealcoating and crack filling services will allow you to extend the life of the current driveway or parking lot without the extra expense of repaving.


If your current asphalt is in good shape but needs to be refreshed, sealcoating may be the answer. Sealcoating not only restores the dark color you are looking for it also serves as a protective layer and adds curb appeal to your Bridgewater property.

Crack Filling

When the temperature drops, water in the cracks of your asphalt freezes causing the cracks to widen. We can help prevent further damage by filling these cracks.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of Bridgewater

Not only do we provide asphalt and pavement work, Greenway Industries also provides masonry and concrete flatwork services. Flatworks are decorative stone and concrete surfaces. Our build and design team will work with you to chose the right materials to match your vision.


Our designer will meet with you to discuss the layout and budget for your project. Our professional masons are able to construct attractive walkways, steps, and walls in many different materials and colors.

Concrete Flatwork

Greenway Industries have crews working on both residential and commercial flatwork projects. We have years of experience designing and building beautiful walkways, sidewalks, curbs, patios and many other concrete surfaces.

Brigewater’s Reliable Paving Contractor

Greenway Industries is licensed by the state and fully insurance. We take pride in our state-of-the-art design and construction methods and our ability to provide the best products and services to our valued customers. We are able to provide the best service services to our Bridgewater customers by staying on top of all the changes going on in the industry.

If you need a new parking lot, revitalizing sealcoat, masonry or concrete flatwork, Greenway Industries has all your needs covered for high-quality, durable materials at an unbeatable price. If you are a home or business owner in the Bridgewater area, give us a call today at 203-885-1037