Putnam County, CT Paving Company

From paving to parking lots and driveways to designed projects, Greenway Industries is here to help! We provide the people of Putnam County, CT with all of their paving needs. Our services are available to both residential projects and larger commercial projects, complete with affordable prices and dependable quality.

Services offered in Putnam County:

Greenway Industries is committed to every single project we help with. We use the highest quality of materials and technology to give you the project you dreamed of. We use eco-friendly materials and methods to help take care of the environment while working on your projects, too. Our methods include the use of crushed asphalt, brick, and concrete, especially in the creation of a foundation. We follow a tight schedule for our project, making sure it is completed on time for your Putnam County property. For a free estimate or the answer any questions, call us today at 203-664-5902.

Residential Paving in Putnam County

We proudly serve all of our clients in Putnam County, helping with any residential project you have. Our equipment is new and advanced, giving you the finished look you want. We offer a variety of services, including complete restructuring, as well as simple repairs and repave on existing structures. At the end of the project, we have a team that will clean up the area and leave it better than before.

Signs your surface need repaving:

  • Deep and wide cracks
  • Large potholes
  • Drainage not functioning properly


Our oil and stone driveways are a classic selection for homes and properties in the Putnam County area. They can add an elegant look to your home while also providing optimal functionality. There are certain requirements on a piece of property for an oil and stone driveway, and we offer a team of consultants to help you decide if it is the right selection for your Putnam County home.


If your asphalt driveway is beginning to experience cracks or is in need of repairs, our infrared asphalt method may be right for you. Instead of tearing up the entire pavement and starting new, infrared asphalt melts the existing layer and seals off any cracks or damages. This gives your driveway the new look without the hassle or price tag of getting a new one.


An important aspect of getting a new asphalt surface is the drainage system. Putnam County can go through some intense weather patterns, and especially with harsh winters, drainage is crucial. Our drainage systems can help prevent surface cracks and diminish damage caused to foundations. It can also decrease black ice on the colder days. Our drainage systems are available for existing pavement or new projects.

Putnam County Commercial Paving

For your Putnam County business, Greenway Industries is here to give you the proper paving surfaces you need. Whether it is for your building, the parking lot, or any other surrounding structures, we give you an attractive surface free of cracks and damages. We also can repair large potholes and help prevent future damages for your Putnam County property.


One of our most effective options is also one of our most cost efficient ones — asphalt milling. The milling method removes the top layer of your pavement and then lays a new layer on top. This method avoids damaging the foundation or any underlying structures and gives you a new, fresh look without the expensive solution.


Our asphalt reclaiming method is an eco-friendly option for those who are looking to replace their parking lot or pavement. Rather than scrapping all of the previous pavement, we salvage the removed asphalt, crush it down, and add it to the current foundation. This method lowers landfill waste and avoids the use of excessive transportation of materials. This eliminates greenhouse gases while also giving you the perfect pavement for your Putnam County property.


Asphalt fine grading is essential for any paving project, and we make sure it receives the proper attention for your Putnam County property. We perform it in a timely manner and according to the budget.

Putnam County, CT Sealcoating & Crack Filling

Over time, small damages or cracks can begin to appear in your driveway. It is important to deal with these sooner rather than later, as it can become more expensive and do extensive damages. With Greenway Industries, we offer professional sealcoating and crack filling to take care of these small projects.


Like an added layer of protection, our sealcoating can help diminish the effect of sun, wind, and elemental damages on your asphalt and driveway. Sealcoating also gives more texture to your pavement, allowing for grip and control on the surface. Lastly, sealcoating can give a polished, finished look to your structure.


Cracks can occur for a number of reasons. The most common one is from water. As it settles into the surface, it can expand during the winter. With the freeze and thaw cycle, your driveway begins to suffer. By filling the cracks, you can avoid further damage and prevent more from occurring.

Masonry & Concrete Flatwork of Putnam County

Greenway Industries is here to help with all of your Putnam County projects. This goes beyond pavement and parking lots. We help with stonework, masonry services, and customized concrete structures. We can help with design and production, bring your dream to life.


Greenway Industries creates professional and customized masonry products for your Putnam County home. This includes walkways, walls, steps, and more. We have an expert masonry designer to help with stone selection and design elements.


We offer a variety of concrete flat work options, such as sidewalks, curbing, patios, and diverse walkways. Our concrete structures are an attractive option for our residential and commercial clients alike. They are strong and durable and hand-crafted by our team of designers, helping you get the exact concrete flat work you had in mind.

Putnam County’s Reliable Paving Contractor

When working with Greenway Industries, you will be able to experience our dedication to our craft. We use our advanced technology and equipment to give you the best pavement and masonry services in the Putnam County, CT region. As an insured and licensed company, we are here to support you.

From driveways to walkways and everything in between, we can help with complete restructuring and even the smallest repairs. Our services and structures are completely customizable to fit your needs and optimize your Putnam County property. Call us today to begin working on your project: 203-664-5902.