How to Prepare Your Residential Driveway for Winter

Snow on Driveway

Along with roadways and walkways, your driveway may be among the many victims of icy winter weather. Every year, millions of Americans forget to properly secure their driveway in preparation for the havoc that winter can bring. You can avoid this by following a few simple steps before heading into the cold. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself and your pavement for any incoming snowstorms.

Things You Can Do Yourself

  • Check for cracks in your driveway. In order to faithfully document them, take pictures of any large crevices or breaks in the pavement. This way, you can create a mental map of weakness in your pavement, and prepare accordingly. Also, you could keep track of any damage that might accrue over the winter months. Check on a regular basis for the best results.
  • Use calcium based ice melts. Calcium based ice melts do little to no damage compared to other salt blends which wear down your driveway, not to mention may potentially damage your vehicle. Ice melts are crucial to the prevention of cracks and breaks. The freezing and melting of water in between cracks and grooves in your driveway is what causes it to deteriorate and break apart! However, beware of the abrasive nature of ice melts; many brands are known to destroy plant-life such as grass and potted plants. Make sure you use these products with caution and only in problem areas.
  • Use the proper tools to clear your driveway. Shovels and Snowblowers should be inspected before they are used to clear your driveway, as they might wear down, or even cause significant damage to your driveway if not properly maintained.
  • Check for drainage issues; make sure you have proper drainage on your driveway by observing where water might pool up. These parts of your pavement might be particularly vulnerable to water and ice damage.

Things for a Professional

  • Call us to seal your driveway! Greenway can seal your driveway during the dryer months of the year and prevent damage from occurring in the first place! Our service is fast, easy and affordable! Plus, once you have a sealing job done once, you won’t have to worry about damage again for several years. Our sealant is durable and long-lasting, and will keep your driveway safe from the violent throes of the winter months.
  • Clear your driveway immediately after it snows. Don’t wait until the evening or the next day to clear your driveway, hire a snow removal service or fire up the snowblower first thing the morning after a significant or minor snowfall to prevent the snow from packing into the cracks. Additionally, do the best you can not to drive over snow; this compacts it, forcing it into the weak points of your driveway.

The overall health and security of your pavement depends largely on how often you choose to seal it, and observe its faults and cracks. But you can certainly get off to a good start by choosing Greenway Industries for all of your paving and masonry needs.