4 Benefits of Recycling Asphalt Pavement

Recycled Asphalt Pavement

Why spend more than you have to on brand new pavement when you could get quality, if not better, recycled pavement for even cheaper? Recycling materials is huge in our generation because of the preservation of the planet we live on, and here at Greenway Industries, we like to give you the best product without any of the drawbacks to the environment!

Money, Money, and Money

Using recycled asphalt pavement saves the taxpayers in the U.S. between $1.8 and $2.5 billion annually as well as individual project goers. Recycled asphalt is stronger, more durable, and cheaper to produce than new asphalt, making the refurbishing of damaged roads more affordable for the taxpayers funding a majority of it.

On top of the reduced costs, it will also create job opportunities throughout the world because of the demand for more recycling plants. With little to no downside, this makes the decision to transition to recycled asphalt pavement an easier one.

Less Waste in Landfills & Material Yards

With the use of recycled asphalt pavement, there’s no need to completely strip down driveways or roads because the process of milling and reclaiming can save the materials for reuse.

The majority of landfills are packed with un-recycled asphalt, concrete, brick, and other debris. Just by recycling pavement we can save millions of tons of landfill money and space to better benefit the earth.

Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Creating virgin asphalt contributes to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions by the burning of fossil fuels in the process of turning the raw materials into the final product. On the contrary, recycling asphalt pavement uses no fossil fuels at all which will decrease the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and help to save our non renewable energy sources.

Oil Prices Rising? Then so Is Asphalt!

The raw materials of Asphalt contains a high percent of oil, which we all know can be a controversial subject. With fluctuating prices of oil, the price for asphalt will also fluctuate and often increase. Recycling the asphalt into a brand new pavement doesn’t use any extra fossil fuel or money in the process, saving you money and keeping the earth greener.


If you’re looking to improve the quality of the environment and save money along the way, check out the green paving services we offer at Greenway Industries! To hear more about your options, call us today at 203-544-4687.